The 3D voice assistant for mathematics from the age of 4 to 11

Immersive learning


Maths from A to Z

Mathia is a unique immersion in the universe of mathematics

For individual, group or collaborative classroom use

Discovery, training or remediation activities

The personal assistant for teachers

With Mathia, track the progress of each of your pupils. Your smart dashboard allows you to build individual paths of learning and to make groups of learning in your classroom. 

Use the very best of AI and adaptive learning !

The companion of kids

An endearing character which gets to know each student throughout the school year. Mathia is an intelligent didactic assistant whose aim is to make the pupil actor in an educational game of which he is the protagonist, including when he solves exercices and riddles with the help of his comrades.

Mathematics become easy and fun

We combine a vocal assistant and a 3D vizualisation tool.
Spatial representation is enhanced in geometry and counting exercises.
Thanks to our 3D representations, pupils grades increase up to 30%. Mathia reduces a mathematics lesson from 60 minutes to 10 minutes.

Mathia is trusted by the french government

Mathia is the laureate of the Innovation Partnership in Artificial Intelligence (P2IA) in mathematics, the first public market in artificial intelligence of the French Ministry of National Education. Mathia is available in several academies : Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Créteil, Rennes, Reunion, Nancy, Lille, Amiens and Poitiers, and is used by thousands of teachers and pupils.

This project is a unique and pioneering case in mathematics learning in Europe.

In 2021, we will address English-speaking students and parents around the world who believe that mathematics will play a key role in the future of work and who want to prepare children to it from an early age. Mathia won't be the brand used in USA, UK and other English-speaking countries. Mathia Education is a brand used in France only.

Mathia project co-founders

The founders of Mathia are internationally recognized experts for their know-how in pedagogy, didactics, mathematics, e-learning, and artificial intelligence.

Prof en Poche, product owner, is a startup specialized in the creation of virtual teachers. Hundreds of thousands of students use our solutions in France, Spain, Italy and Germany.

Tralalere, partner, is a famous french creator of educational digital resources used by more than 3 millions children all over the world, for more than 20 years.

LumenAI, partner, is a startup founded by mathematical researchers developing a cutting edge technology of real time machine learning and deep learning.

Cabrilog, partner, is a research laboratory specializing in the didactics of mathematics. Cabrilog expertise in mathematics has been trusted from the very beginning of Apple computers (Lisa and Macintosh) and Texas Instruments to recite nobody else but them.

Do you want to join the adventure ?

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You are a web / mobile developer or an artificial intelligence engineer and you want to put your skills at the service of the common good ?

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