Support your child in learning mathematics

Tailor-made activity courses to help each child aged 5 to 11 master the fundamentals of mathematics and progress with confidence and pleasure.

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Progress independently

With Mathia, your child doesn’t just “do math”, he plays with numbers, strengthening his familiarity and his confidence in this subject , which can often be intimidating. Our activities are carefully designed to be progressive, ensuring that each child progress at their own pace. It is an invitation to discover, learn and have fun, all on their own.

A universe to explore

Beyond simple exercises, Mathia invites your child into a world where mathematics comes to life in a fun and stimulating way. Thanks to gamification, each activity becomes a little adventure, encouraging the child to challenge themselves and push their limits while having fun. Each progress, each discovery is rewarded, reinforcing their motivation and desire to learn. With Mathia, mathematics turns into an exciting quest, making each session a moment of emotion and discovery.

Learn to be curious

Mathia opens a door to the fascinating world of science. Our platform offers a range of formats suitable for all learning styles. The child immerses himself in the adventure mode for fun challenges, the training mode reinforces his knowledge in a targeted way, the educational videos introduce him to science and the printable activities invite the whole family to have fun while practicing their skills. With Mathia, curiosity becomes second nature.

After 10 exercises carried out with Mathia, students multiply on average by more than 2 the number of correct answers on a given skill.

What our users say

I really like Mathia. This allows me to support students, whether individually or in groups, especially if they are stuck on a subject. Plus, they can progress at their own pace, which really helps them grasp math concepts.



I love Mathia! Math games are super fun and I can learn a lot. I didn’t like math very much before, but now it’s my favorite subject at school.




8 years

Mathia is a very promising platform, my son finds instructive videos there which fascinate him and which he then talks to me for hours… He also really likes playing mathematical games and is very happy to show me his progress!


Jules’ mother

Frequently Asked Questions

How to access Mathia?

Mathia can be played directly from the Mathia website or via the tablet application

Available on computer and tablet :

Multi supports

For better inclusion and digital acessibility, student answers are possible on the keyboard, on the magic slate thanks to finger writing or orally :

What is Mathia ?

Mathia is an educational site that offers interactive educational tools for learning mathematics.

What are the advantages of using Mathia to learn mathematics ?

Mathia offers an innovative and interactive approach to learning mathematics, with personalized tools for each student. Lessons are tailored to each learner’s skill level, and the exercises offered are designed to strengthen math skills in a progressive manner.

How can Mathia help improve math results ?

The educational tools offered on Mathia are designed to help students better understand mathematical concepts by presenting them in an interactive and visual way. This can help students develop their understanding of mathematics and improve their academic performance.

How is Mathia different from other math education websites ?

Mathia stands out from other educational mathematics websites by offering an interactive and adaptive pedagogical approach that is personalized for each pupil. The tools provided are designed to gradually reinforce mathematical skills and help students build their self-confidence.

How can Mathia help teachers improve mathematics teaching ?

Mathia helps teachers improve math teaching by providing interactive teaching tools that can be used in the classroom or at home. Teachers can monitor student progress and adapt their teaching accordingly to meet the individual needs of each learner.

How can Mathia help students with math difficulties ?

Mathia help students with math difficulties by providing them with interactive and adaptive teaching tools that are designed to gradually strengthen their skills. Lessons are presented in a clear and visual manner, which can help students better understand math concepts and boost their self-confidence.