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What is Mathia ?

Mathia is an educational assistant that accompanies the teacher to teach and make all students aged 6 to 8 love mathematics .

Within the framework of the French Partnership for Artificial Intelligence Innovation (P2IA), Mathia is co-built with hundreds of teachers and thousands of students.

Mathia is made available and free of charge to teachers by the French Ministry of Education.

How to set it up ?


Log in
to the teacher platform


Register your class


Assign exercises
to my students

Customized exercises

Exercises adapted to the needs of each student.

The teacher chooses the concepts to be worked on and the AI proposes activities adapted to each student’s level, so that each student can continue to progress at his or her own pace and acquire new skills.

An immersion in the world of mathematics

With Mathia, the child is an actor in an educational game in which he/she controls his/her progress, in search of new knowledge and new rewards.


Students are immersed in a fun and engaging experience that reconciles them with the world of mathematics.

Monitor your students' progress

The platform dedicated to teachers is the control centre of your class.

It gives you complete information on the acquisition of the 298 competences of National Education referential in primary school, for each student.
The AI also offers you the ability of making groups of pupils by level or by need. You can use them to divide the equipment into homogeneous groups in the classroom.

Concrete and measured results since the beginning of P2IA, on more than 5000 students using Mathia.

On average, students multiply by more than 2 the number of correct answers on a given skill after 10 completed exercises

Add up

Good answers 22%
Good answers 48%
Good answers 73%


Good answers 22%
Good answers 73%
Good answers 100%

Number comprehension

Good answers 24%
Good answers 52%
Good answers 78%


Good answers 22%
Good answers 65%
Good answers 90%

Add up


Number comprehension


Writing a number

Good answers 22%
Good answers 33%
Good answers 68%


Good answers 24%
Good answers 55%
Good answers 77%

Naming a number

Good answers 45%
Good answers 54%
Good answers 98%


Good answers 25%
Good answers 69%
Good answers 78%

Writing a number


Naming a number


Initial average
(1st exercise)

Medium average
(from 2 to 5 exercises)

Final average
(from 10 exercises)

Averages per skill according to the number of exercises performed


Mathia is a playful adventure in the world of mathematics

Within an exciting story, students follow a quest that will lead them into the world of mathematics to discover new knowledge.


For individual, group or collaborative classroom use

Mathia adapts to all scenarios: in class or at home, individually, in pairs or in groups, Mathia organises group work and encourages peer tutoring

Maths from A to Z

Discovery, training or challenge activities

Thanks to its courses, videos and thousands of combinations of exercises, Mathia allows you to train your students in a personalized and engaging way in order to make them feel confident in their mathematical potential.

How to access Mathia ?

Mathia can be played directly from the Mathia website or via the tablet application.
Available on computer and tablet :

Multi supports
For better inclusion and digital accessibility, Pupils’ answers are possible on the keyboard, on the magic slate through finger writing or vocally :

Mathia is the winner of the P2IA

Mathia is the winner of the Partnership for Artificial Intelligence Innovation (P2IA) for the mathematics lot, the first public contract in artificial intelligence with the French Ministry of National Education. The P2IA aims at developping and providing teachers with pedagogical assistance services for differentiation and personalization of learning through innovative solutions based on AI and scientific research.

PARTENARIAT D'INNOVATION INTELLIGENCE ARTIFICIELLE Partenariat d'innovation pour l'acquisition d'un assistant pédagogique basé sur l'intelligence artificielle à destination des enseignants et des élèves du cycle 2
Le P2IA propose la construction de solutions au service des apprentissages fondamentaux en français et mathématiques au cycle 2 (CP, CE1 et CE2).

What teachers think of us

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Aurelio De Stefano

Teacher at the European School of Varese

Finally a really innovative learning software ! My students have established a real emotional relationship with this friendly little robot Mathia who follows them, encourages them while adapting to their rhythm, their strengths and weaknesses.

Rallou Thoma

Doctor and teacher at the European School in Brussels

Mathia, designed by an inspired team, is a real tool for cycle 2 students to discover, understand and learn important mathematical concepts in a fun and engaging way !

Anne Martin

Teacher at Tordo School Tourrette-Levens, France

Mathia is an excellent tool for learning mathematics in a fun and innovative environment !

Mathia project partners

Mathia is part of the suppliers' catalogue and is selected in the French UGAP (Union des Groupements d'Achats Publics) purchasing centre.

The UGAP is the only generalist public purchasing centre 100% dedicated to public purchasing.

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